Automated barriers are the premium solution for controlling vehicle access to and from a premises, car park and all road entry & exit points. As well as an effective method of security, automated barriers are also a very effective means of monitoring the number of vehicles travelling through any one access points. AES distribute a comprehensive range of reliable and resilient automatic barriers suitable for a variety of purposes and requirements. With barriers from Europe’s finest Manufacturers such as O&O, Came, Erreka, Casit and Matt we are able to find the optimum solution for you and your customer in terms of quality, reliability and value.

The range includes fast acting barriers to allow for rapid opening and access to the more heavy duty industrial barrier with a variety of beam lengths from 2 to 8 metres. In addition we carry a vast range of barrier accessories and spares to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

Night & Day 3
A simple and robust mechanical works for a strong and reliable machine to make thousands of operations per day. Can also play Telepass work, demonstrating
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Night & Day 5
A barrier suitable for medium-wide transit. Authorized to perform thousands of daily operations in awareness of robust motor.
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Night & Day 6
Embodies the experience of 40 years of work. Bars up to 6m in length which start in 8 seconds. Simple and reliable construction and technology.  
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Night & Day 8
Largest of our barriers – using the same mechanisms as Night & Day 6 barrier. Differs in details that allow the bar to slowdown in closing and lacks any
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Up & Down Barrier
Driven by a 24V motor controlled by a dedicated unit. Tracks movement, speed, acceleration as well as slowdowns and performance of self-learning when power
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Electromechanical traffic barriers. Ideal for car parks, shopping centres, hospitals, official buildings, industrial pavilions. Left hand and right hand
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