AES offers the largest range of automated gates in Ireland. We stock automated gates to suit all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. 

Our range of automated/electric gate openers include underground, over-ground and sliding gate openers. We also stock a wide range of gate safety devices and gate accessories.

Why use automated gates?
Automated gates greatly increase the level of security surrounding your home or property. Any person is legally entitled to enter your property if your gates are open therefore automated gates are the most reliable way of protect your property from trespassers day or night.
Should you use automated gates?

Automated gates have significantly increased in popularity over the last number of years. From people converting their manual gates to installing new automated gates. Automated gates provide a heightened sense of security and sense of safety for properties.

How are automated gates controlled? 

Automated gates are very easily controlled through a number of different methods. Most commonly, a small key-ring type transmitter can operate your automated gate from up to 100 metres away. Alternatively, your gates can be operated through your mobile phone via a Gate GSM, with access only given to nominated phone users.

Other methods of controlling automated gate systems include audio/audio video intercoms between the entrance gates and your residence. The caller can be identified and the automated gates opened by pressing a button on the telephone. A digital keypad fitted at the entrance allows regular callers to enter a designated pass code to open your automated gates. For total remote control, a GSM entrance gate intercom can connect the caller directly to your mobile phone. The automated gates can then be opened with a single keystroke if required.

Audio/Video door entry intercoms are also available between your automated gates and residence. Callers can either be identified then given access through a button on the telephone or regular callers can enter a passcode on the digital keypad fitted on the device.

For total remote control, a GSM entrance gate intercom can connect the caller to a nominated mobile phone and the gate can be accessed with a single keystroke.

What types of automated gates are available?

There are two fundamental gate types, automated sliding gates and automated swing/leaf gates.

Automated sliding gates run on a glide track unobtrusively set into the ground. They are the obvious choice for driveways with steep inclines in the vicinity of the gate area. However there must be sufficient space for the gate to slide back equal to the width of the driveway. This type of electronic gate system is powered by a single geared motor assembly employing rack and pinion drive principles for gate motion.

Electronic gates (wing or leaf) require an alternative type of drive mechanisms to those described above and these can be considered under two main categories - underground and over-ground.

Which is best – over-ground or underground automated gates?

Underground automated gate operators are set into the driveway underneath each gate wing and have the advantage of being almost invisible. Careful consideration must be given to the site conditions to ensure that adequate water drainage is provided and maintained from the underground motor assemblies.

Overground automated gate operators are less expensive and easier to install as there is less civil work involved. There are two types of operators with different operating principles. The most popular is the linear actuator or ram type. With the later model the actuator spindle is attached to the gate wing and the driver mechanism to the pillar. In operation the spindle extends to close and retracts to open the gate. The second type of operator is referred to as the articulated arm driver. With this model the drive motor is attached to the gate pillars and a pivoting arm connects the motor to the gate wing. In operation the motor shaft rotates causing the articulated arm to swing, providing the necessary gate movement.

There are several grades of driver mechanisms in each category and we can provide expert advice on a system most suited to your requirements.

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A powerful and silent motor made for the automatic movement of winged gates and doors up to 3 meters per panel. Once installed under the wing of the gate,
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For swing gates of up to 3.5m per leaf      Adjustable motor stops. Steel cut internal gears for long life. Maintenance free motor /
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Casit MC300/IMB
COMPACT: and easy to install with the box foundation cathaphorized (stainless steel optional) can be installed before the operator. ROBUST: cast iron gear-box
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Irreversible electromechanical operator Designed to shorten installation time in swing gates with excellent quality, performance and price ratio. Developed
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HYDRAULIC LINEAR OPERATOR. For swing Gates up to 6 meters per leaf. Easy to install. Complies with the Safety Norm EN-UNE 12453 without any additional
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Electromechanical 24Vdc Obstacle detection Operator suitable for use on large brick piers Designed to shorten installation time in swing gates with an
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For Sliding Gates up to 400 Kg, with built-in control board. Single phase. Magnetic limit switches. Safety: Obstacle detection. Easy manual release.
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KM 1000 for Sliding Gates Up To 750 Kg      750 KG Capacity / Safety System Incorporated  Magnetic Limit Switches / Electronic Torque
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Sliding actuators for sliding doors between 1800 and 2500kgs.Programming features travel and deceleration. Easy release. Magnetic limit.
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TITAN 2000
Electromechanical actuator oil bath irreversible ideal for sliding gates up to 2000Kg. 230V. Complete lubrication of the motor to all components in an oil
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TITAN 5000
Electromechanical actuator  Three-phase oil bath irreversible ideal for sliding gates up to 5000Kg,  400V. Complete lubrication of the motor to
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CRONO 1000/600
Available in 230v and 24v 1000 or 600 kg capacity Irreversible electromechanical actuator   Die-cast aluminum, treated with paint corrosion and
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GSM250A Gate Opener
This system allows for the remote activation of a relay without the need for remote controls and with no "distance limits".  Useful for opening doors
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